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  • 重力との関係性を改善して身体を統合するというロルフィングの目的を十分理解していること。
  • セッションは,オーソドックスな医学的診断や処置としての"医療行為"ではないこと。
  • 提供される施術は,主訴の改善が目的ではなく,またそれを保証するわけではないこと。
  • 身体を治そうとする力の主体は,受け手側にあって,施術者側ではない。
  • 治癒の過程で起こりうる心身の反応と周囲の人間関係の変化を必要な過程として受け容れ,ロルファーに依存することなく,自分がそのプロセス全体に責任を持つこと。
  • 症状の改善を含む根本的な解決のためには,受け手の人生・ライフスタイルを見直す必要性を理解していること。
  • いかなる理由であれ,予約24時間以内の取消に関しては,取消料金としてセッション料金全額を支払うこと。
同意書と質問表をダウンロード→ 質問表と同意書
  • I hereby apply for a standard series of processing in Rolfing (Structural Integration) for myself or who I am the legal guardian for.
  • Rolfing is to balance and align the physical body so that it is supported and maintained by gravity in three-dimentional space. This is done through direct manipulation and education so that greater economy and freedom of body movement are achieved.
  • I understand Rolfing is not involved with the treatment of disease of any kind, nor does it substitute for medical diagnosis or treatment when such attention is needed.
  • The Rolfer does not treat, prescribe or diagnose an illness, disease, or any other physical or mental disorder of the person, Nothing said or done by a Rolfer should be misconstrued to be such.
  • I understand it is necessary for the Rolfer to touch my body in order to assist me in establishing balance and alignment in the body.
  • I give Hiroyoshi Tahata , as a Certified Rolfer, my permission and consent to do all those things necessary in helping me establish balance and alignment, including, but not limited to touching my body. I give the Rolfer full privilege and license to work on my body in such a way as to restore and establish balance and alignment therein.
  • Furthermore, I understand that any relief of physical or emotional symptoms is coincidental in the organization of the total human being and is not the basic goal of Rolfing.
I appreciate your printing out this file and filling it out.


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